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"I lost 15 lbs, kicked my addiction to chocolate and no longer need sleep medications!"
      Feel Great, Look Good
     Become the Person You Want To Be!
     Lose Weight with Hypnosis
  Cut the Weight Without the Scalpel
        Benefits of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis
        Weight Loss Program...
  • No Invasive Surgery!

  • No Deprivation!

  • No Fear of Complications!

  • No Drugs – No Medication!

  • No Expensive Medical Costs!

  • No Recovery Time or Hospital Stay!

  • No Medical Tests or Doctor Referrals!

The Virtual Gastric Band Program is the Proven, Natural, Relaxing, Enjoyable Way to Lose Weight!


 This Hypnosis Program Can Work For You!

Lose weight hypnosis

Georgia client finds online hypnosis success

"Smoke free after 16 years"

Kick the Habit

 "It's been two months without a cigarette and I'm very happy and actually surprised by the success that I've experienced with hypnosis". "Food tastes better and I don't have the hacking cough anymore". "My husband says it was money well spent and I've recommended Lancaster Hypnotherapy to others".

Karen- Elizabethtown, A non-smoker after 50 years.

 Matt Damon

Billy Joel

Brittany Spears

Have all quit smoking by hypnosis

California client finds online hypnosis success

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How does hypnosis work?

                              John Stewart                                                 The Susquehanna Valley's

                           Health Hypnotherapist

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