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"I was desperate for some help with insomnia. After just two hypnosis sessions with John I'm beginning to feel like my old self again. I slept 5-1/2 hours last night for the first time in weeks. Thank you for helping me to find the path to self-healing". I recommend Lancaster Hypnotherapy
Ryan- Lancaster

"John, and hypnosis, was very effective in helping me to overcome my fear of public speaking. I'd recommend Lancaster Hypnotherapy"

Barbara- York, PA

"After working with John, I'm much more relaxed while driving and no longer fear driving over bridges. This stuff (hypnosis) is amazing!"
Albert- Lancaster

fear LH.jpg

"I've struggled with debilitating worry and anxiety for much of my life. I came to Lancaster Hypnotherapy because of the complications that the doctor prescribed medications were giving me."
"I was immediately impressed by the peaceful and pleasant environment of the office and John made me feel very welcome. The hypnosis sessions have helped me to feel less anxious and much more in control and in charge of my life".
"I'd recommend Lancaster Hypnotherapy"
A.G. Pennsylvania


14 year old cheer leader had developed a fear of performing backward tumbling moves during her routines. After working with her during two hypnosis sessions she had her first event of the new school year yesterday. She reports "feeling different", "more confident" and maybe even "a bit more energetic".

"Last weekend I competed in Philly and did much better.  I landed all 4 events strong and placed 4th All- Around.  I am continuing to use the (self-hypnosis) techniques as I go into State Competition next week".

G.K. Lancaster  (16 year old gymnast) 


Why do we bend spoons? Not to create mush from metal. We bend spoons to raise awareness of the human potential. If each of these participants can bend spoons, what more are they capable of? What heights could they achieve?

That's what  hypnosis is all about. helping people to discover inner resources.

"I've been bothered by a crick in my neck all week. The pain disappeared after Johns group guided  relaxation (hypnosis). I'm glad I attended his lecture presentation!"

Janet L. Gettysburg, PA

"After experiencing Hypnotherapy with John. I have noticed a great difference in my ability to maintain my energy levels and positive mindset. Most noticeably, it has become very evident in my ability to run for much longer periods of time without feeling exhausted. I am not really a runner, but felt inspired to train for a half marathon and have been surprising myself with this transformation that has occurred.  The only real difference in my life being the Hypnosis I had received, which enforced my inner strength and ability to know that I am fully capable of achieving any goal I set my mind to. I highly recommend John and Lancaster Hypnotherapy for anyone who desires to participate in life to the fullest and be the best version of themselves they desire to be". 

Stacey D. York, PA

 Change Your Mind - Change Your Life   

 Empowering individuals just like you to be healthy, happy and more successful.

 Hypnosis has been widely used as a powerful therapy for many decades.

  Hypnosis taps into the part of you that already has the answers you need! 

 You are in complete control and aware during the session, and you will just feel

 very pleasantly relaxed.

 There are no side effects except for your improved Life.


Hypnosis will help you to break the patterns of the past.

A professional hypnotherapist can help you to take control of your habits, behaviors and feelings.

Whether your issues are recent or have been with you for many years, you can get help to create the life that YOU deserve.

All the changes come from YOU, and as Hypnotherapists we guide you in the right direction.

                                  *  Self-Confidence  * Trauma                            * Smoking Cessation 

                                  *  Stress                    * Sleep Better                   * Lower Blood Pressure

                                  *Anger                      * Pain Management         * Concentration

                                  *  Worry                    * Public Speaking             * Sports Performance            *

                                  *  Nail Biting             * Fear of Heights              * Phobias

                                  *  Anxiety                  * Assertiveness                 * Self Esteem

                                  *  Shame                   * Weight loss                    * Procrastination

Hypnotic Life Regression-
Hypnotic Life Regression is the process by which you enter a very relaxed mental state and recall memories and information from deep inside your subconscious mind that is normally not available to the conscious mind.  Hypnosis enables the mind to travel more easily across the dimensions of time.  Regression is the process by which the Hypnotherapist guides you back through time to particular events in your life that you desire to be examined. 
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