Kick The Habit

After trying the nicotine gum and patch this client quits smoking after 16 years

"I quit smoking even though I was somewhat skeptical of hypnosis. I was amazed how easy it was!"

D.P. Lancaster, PA


"its been 6 months and I just can't believe i don't even want a cigarette"!

 "It's been two weeks without a cigarette and I'm very happy and actually surprised by the success that I've experienced with hypnosis". "Food tastes better and I don't have the hacking cough anymore". "My husband says it was money well spent and I've recommended Lancaster Hypnotherapy to others".

Karen- Elizabethtown, A non-smoker after 50 years.

"I simply don't think of cigarettes now!  Two months smoke free thanks to Lancaster Hypnotherapy"

"and I've been smoking for 25 years"

Will- Lancaster, PA

Actors Matt Damon

Billy Joel

Brittany Spears

Have all quit smoking

by hypnosis


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